“Every principle of musical form starts from the most hidden area of ​​our stomach where I can find true emotions”


Marco Volino, born in Salerno on March 2, 1985, is an Italian pianist and composer.

He studies piano under the guidance of Maestro Pietro D ’amico, a teacher at the G. Martucci Conservatory in Salerno.

In 2013 he joined the “Educational Music Academy” of Milan, an academy of young talents directed by the pianist and composer Roberto Cacciapaglia.

In 2014 he signed a contract with the historic record company “Top Records” of Milan and published his first work entitled “Anamnesis 2015”; 12 Songs that tell the “awakening of the soul” through the suggestive and sweet notes of a piano.

In 2015 he plays at the millenary and suggestive Benedictine Abbey of Cava de ’Tirreni thus becoming part of the” Great Interpreters of the Abbey “.

In 2015 he was commissioned to create the music for the opening of the Holy Door on the occasion of the Jubilee announced by Pope Francis. The event was entitled “Witnesses of Time”.

In 2016 he was awarded at the 10th edition of “Borgo Albori” as the best emerging talent, and he was awarded the “Cavese Excellence” award for having established himself as a reference point for contemporary minimal/classical music.

In 2020 he was commissioned by the Scabec Spa, the soundtrack for the realization of the video on the promotion of cultural heritage. Video promoted and sponsored by Region Campania .

In 2020, the song “Silence” was selected and published by Telesia Spa, a company that has been managing subway screens in Rome, Milan, Brescia, and Genoa for over 30 years, and in 15 Italian airports. Furthermore, twice winner of the “Telesia TV” Contest.

In 2020 he composed the soundtrack for the film “Alessandra” directed by Pasquale Falcone, with Sergio Muniz, Sara Zanier, Eleonora Facchini and Giacomo Rizzo and the extraordinary participation of Peppino Di Capri. The film presented in cinemas, totals over 1,000,000 views on RAIPLAY.

He holds concerts in Italy and abroad. He has performed at Villa Guariglia, at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno, at the Municipal Theater of Tornimparte, at Palazzo Macchiarelli, and at the Amphitheater of Baronissi with the well-known singer-songwriter Giovanni Caccamo.

Founder and director of the “Revolution Music Lab, aimed at contemporary musicians and composers, together with the collaboration of M ° Ernesto Tortorella.

Producer and artistic director, he contributes to the creation of the album “Forever in my Heart” by the young and talented Slovak composer Dominika Dorincova.

He currently collaborates with various directors and videomakers for the creation of soundtracks, music for films and commercials.