“Every principle of musical form starts from the most hidden area of ​​our stomach where I can find true emotions”


Marco Volino was born in Salerno on March 2nd, 1985. He is an Italian pianist and composer.

He studied piano under the guidance of Maestro Pietro D’Amico, professor at Conservatoire G. Martucci of Salerno.

In 2013 he joins the youth training Educational Music Academy directed by the famous pianist and composer Roberto Cacciapaglia.

In 2014 he signs his first contract with the historical Label “Top Records” of Milan, which has produced international artists such as Biagio Antonacci, Gianluca Grignani, Fabrizio Moro, etc.

In 2015 he publishes his first record, “Anamnesis 2015”, in which 12 songs tell about the awakening of the soul through the evocative and sweet notes of a piano.

In May 2015 he successfully performs his first Piano Solo Concert “ANAMNESIS” at the Benedictine Abbey of Cava de’ Tirreni (SA) in front of an audience of more than 150 people, thus becoming part of the “Great Abbey Performers”, a title reserved to a small number of selected composers. The Maestro Volino’s career rapidly grows.

Invited by many organizations, in a short time he performs at Villa Guariglia, the prestigious town of Raito (SA) famous for its Classical Music festivals, receiving many appreciations and attracting the attention of journalists, TV presenters and record companies.

He is also invited to play at the Provincial Archaeological Museum of Salerno, at the exhibition “Estate Classica” in Vietri Sul Mare (SA) and Baronissi (SA) with Giovanni Caccamo, winner of Sanremo Giovani 2015, receiving many appreciations and recording the presence of about 500 participants.

He has collaborated with Francesco Tassara, the famous director of La Spezia, who has included in his short film entitled “Voices” some excerpts from the album “Anamnesis 2015”.

In July 2015 he published the first Official Video “Bolle di Sapone” produced by the record company Top Records of Milan in collaboration with the Agency “Production Life” of Cava de’Tirreni (Sa) and immediately available on the Youtube channel.

On October 10, 2015, he was awarded Best Emerging Artist at the 10th edition of “Borgo Albori” in Vietri Sul Mare, with his work “Anamnesis 2015” receiving many appreciations from the famous Italian actress Sandra Milo, who attended the event.

In December 2015 he was commissioned the music for the opening of the Holy Door on the occasion of the Jubilee called by Pope Francis. The event entitled “Witnesses of Time” took place in the city of Cava de’ Tirreni, in an extraordinary concert for Piano and Orchestra, receiving many appreciations from the Archbishop of Amalfi, Monsignor Orazio Soricelli.

In February 2016 he published the second Official Video “ALEUNAME” produced by the record company Top Records of Milan in collaboration with the Agency “Production Life” of Cava de’Tirreni (Sa) and immediately visible on the Youtube channel.

In April 2016 he performed at the Teatro Comunale di Tornimparte (AQ) in a masterful concert for Piano Solo recording his first “Sold Out”.

In August 2016 at Cava de’Tirreni (Sa) with an extraordinary performance at the piano, he opens the XXVII° “Festival Delle Torri”, a show of music and dance by the most famous international folk groups. A lot of enthusiasm at the end of the event when the same Cavese musician is asked to close the evening with one of his famous songs from the album “Anamnesis 2015”.

In September 2016, during the Talent Show “Between Stage and Reality” held in Piazza Duomo at Cava de’Tirreni, he was awarded the “Cavese Excellence” prize for having established himself as a reference point for contemporary minimal/classical music. Among the celebrities present at the awards ceremony, there is the journalist and correspondent Rai Vittoriana Abate.

In November 2016 the Municipality of Cava de’ Tirreni strongly requested his participation on the piano for the performance of some of his pieces taken from “Anamnesis 2015” during the day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Among the guest present were the journalist and correspondent Rai Gianluigi Laguardia and the singer “Rosmy” award “Mia Martini 2016”.

In March 2017 he was asked to participate in the presentation of the book “Eat only dark chocolate” by Elisabetta De Sio, sister of the well-known TV actress Giuliana De Sio.

On the piano, he performs music taken from Anamnesis with classical dance choreographies performed by the talented dancer Martina Rupoli. An evening honored by the presence of the Mayor of the city of Cava de ‘Tirreni Vincenzo Servalli.

In April 2017 the “Project of Musical Orientation” was born. A music workshop designed and conducted by Maestro Volino for anyone who wants to develop their own artistic and personal path, regardless of age and level of preparation. During the courses, we work on the structure, duration, and interpretation of the participants’ pieces.

The students acquire the basic skills of the “Finale” word-processing software and finally realize the scores of the composed pieces, ready for the SIAE deposit. The laboratory still runs today.

In May 2017 he performs in a concert of great importance on the occasion of the reopening of Palazzo Macchiarelli, historical and evocative structure of the sixteenth century in the province of Montoro (Av). Many people attended the inauguration including the Regional Councillor for Social Policies Lucia Fortini, the President of the Regional Council Rosetta D’Amelio, and the President of the Regional Commission for Agriculture Maurizio Petracca.

Also in May 2017, Maestro Marco Volino is a guest at Radio Polo, a radio station run by Enrico Sorrentino with the scheduled “Viaggio in Prima Classe” (Journey in the First Class). They ask questions and curiosity about his career, his experience in Milan, the first record contract, the meeting with Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia and the great success of his first work “Anamnesis”.

In August 2017 he was again a guest at Radio Polo to present and promote his new work “Revolution”, a new album that will consist of piano, string orchestra and applied electronics.

In October 2017 he officially joined the “Spotify Verified Artists”.

Also in October 2017, he is a guest at the TV Broadcasting “Non Solo Portici” conducted by the famous journalist and TV presenter Antonio di Giovanni and with the collaboration of Rtc Quarta Rete.

In December 2017 he signed a major publishing agreement with Amazon, a world leader in electronic commerce, for the printing and distribution of the scores of “ANAMNESIS” (collection of 12 compositions for Piano Solo).

In February 2018 he was a guest at the TV Broadcast “La Voce dei Social” conducted by journalist Maria Matia Silvestri.

The main theme: contemporary music today and a special focus on printing Anamnesis’ scores, distributed by Amazon.

Currently his album “Anamnesis 2015” is present on over 500 Digital Stores, including I Itunes, Spotify, GoogleMusic, YouTube, Deezer, TimMusic etc where you can both listen and buy his music.

In the MUSIC section of the site, you can order the beautiful album “Anamnesis 2015” in Digipack containing, in addition to the “CD Audio” with the 12 tracks for piano, also a booklet with an explanation of the songs composed. In the same MUSIC section, you can also buy the original scores of “Anamnesis 2015” in paper format.



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