Anamnesis 2015


Why Anamnesis?

The anamnesis is that reminiscence process that leads man to discover in his intellect those eternal ideas that has always existed in his subconscious. Plato adopted the anamnesis to demonstrate in the Fedone the thesis of the immortality of the soul. The anamnesis allows the soul to discover those truths that are always inside it. So it is a revival of memory, the reawaken of a knowledge which has already existed in our soul which had been forgotten since the birth when it was unconscious. “I discover the process of anamnesis in music. In fact, I see music in pictures, in places, in memories, in dreams. I touch it through people, objects, and I perceive it as source of energy and then transformed into notes. I need to compose it, play it, communicate it to vibrate the ropes of my soul and the ones of some other people. I think every principle of musical form starts from the most hidden area of ​​our stomach where i can find true emotions”. That’s why my album “Anamnesis 2015” was born.

Informazioni aggiuntive: 21 cm x 0.41 x 29.6 cm


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